Lake Tahoe Real Estate Short Sales and Foreclosures Slowing

This decade has been full of ups and downs in the Lake Tahoe real estate market.  Around 2008, we saw short sales and foreclosures like we never had in North Lake Tahoe real estate.  There were more homes for sale on the market, than there were buyers.  Today, we are dealing with a much different market.  Luckily, the market has come back since it started to drop in 2006 / 2007.  We saw the number of sold short sales and foreclosures start to decline in 2012 and 2013.  The values aren’t back... Read more »

New Homes For Sale in Lake Tahoe

In the past few years, the Lake Tahoe real estate market has seen improving conditions.  Recently, we have seen new construction going on in the Lake Tahoe basin.  Real estate in the Lake Tahoe basin is in high demand, but it isn’t always easy to build in the area.  Development is limited in the Lake Tahoe basin due to struck environmental regulations.  Lake Tahoe is known for its beauty, clear blue waters and a strong effort to ‘Keep Tahoe Blue’.  These regulations are part... Read more »

Buying a Lake Tahoe Rental Property

Buying a rental property in the Lake Tahoe area is great if you want to get a foothold in the area.  If you plan on moving to Lake Tahoe in the future, why not buy now and let your Lake Tahoe home pay itself off in the meantime?  In Lake Tahoe real estate, a reasonably priced Lake Tahoe property has a capitalization rate (the ratio between the net operating income produced by an asset and its market value) of between 7 and 8%.  With a 7 or 8% capitalization rate, the owner can pay for the entire... Read more »

Market Conditions Update

Lake Tahoe Market Conditions Update for June 2013 The market in Lake Tahoe over the past few months has been rip-roaring! After a slow and painful down market rife with distressed sales, upside down property values and homeowners walking away from their homes, we have seen an extreme shift. Property values have increased, seemingly overnight, as well as buyer confidence and interest. We’re seeing multiple offers, over asking… It’s pretty interesting to say the least. Some... Read more »

Lake Tahoe Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day is historically the unofficial start of Summer in Lake Tahoe. Memorial Day 2013 offers events for visitors and locals in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. In addition to starting your summer search for Lake Tahoe real estate here are some other things you might enjoy doing this weekend: One of the biggest annual Memorial Day events is the Opening Day at the Lake with festivities at the marinas, businesses, restaurants and resorts along the west shore and in Tahoe City. Special events... Read more »

Lake Tahoe Building Allocations 2013

New home development in Lake Tahoe is limited. There are more restrictions and guidelines set forth to limit the type and amount of development than in most areas due to the sensitive environment of the Lake Tahoe basin. The natural beauty and unique mountain lake topography makes the Lake Tahoe basin so attractive to homeowners and visitors alike. The main agency managing and overseeing the impact of development on the area is the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). The TRPA just released the... Read more »

Shortsale, Deed in Lieu, Foreclosure in Lake Tahoe

  Foreclosure can seem intimidating but rest assured there are options. The sooner that you address the matter the more options you will have. The first step that occurs when there are problems with lack of payments to your creditor is a default. Another words, the borrower is not current with their payments on their mortgage to the bank. Therefore, the property goes into default. There is usually time to make arrangements with the lender until it goes into foreclosure. There are a couple of... Read more »

Stop Renting and Buy a Home in LakeTahoe.

  Stop paying your landlords mortgage. Start building your own credit and become more self-sufficient.   There are several advantages to purchasing a house versus renting from someone and paying their mortgage. First, you own something significant. This not only builds your credit rating but it also enables you to have access to money if you ever need or want it. For example, if you have an unforeseen emergency you can refinance your house, and at decent rates, be able to have cash to help... Read more »

Lake Tahoe Pre Season Passes and ticket discounts

Tahoe is the winter wonderland on the West Coast in the United States of America. It is a destination everyone should visit and allow time to explore and play. The resorts of Lake Tahoe are a deliberate and unavoidable planned destination by the expert skier or snowboarder. Its terrain is unparallel to any other in the country. Once you visit a Tahoe basin resort, you will return with passion and excitement. Inevitably, the experience of Lake Tahoe will continuously spark your interest in Lake Tahoe... Read more »

What to do in Lake Tahoe

  The North shore of Lake Tahoe continues to hold an air of Tahoe’s classic distant past. Strolling around lake Tahoe’s North shore, one cannot help but reminisce about yesteryear. The houses and terrain reflect authentic Tahoe living and continues to provide tranquility and excitement in an endless, exclusive, summer and winter playground. Lake Tahoe is an ideal year round destination to have as your primary residence or secondary retreat. The South Shore of Lake Tahoe has a slightly different... Read more »