Learn About Buying

Are you ready to find the home of your dreams?  The following are some helpful tips on what you should do when looking for a property, how to negotiate a great deal, how to protect yourself along the way, and more.

If you have dreams of living in Lake Tahoe whether full-time or just while vacationing the first question you may ask is should I Buy or Rent?  Although there are many advantages to home ownership, some individuals may want to consider renting a home in order to save enough money, improve credit scores or explore the various areas from North Lake Tahoe, Truckee to South Lake Tahoe.

If buying is your best option you must figure out what you can afford.  In addition to the Down Payment, Monthly Payments, Taxes, and Insurance, homebuyers find there may also be hidden home ownership costs above and beyond what they initially considered. 

Another question that may come up is whether to by a single family home or a condo?  Condos can often have lower entry cost and may be a good option for first home purchasers or vacation homeowners who want less responsibility for upkeep and maintenance.  Other purchase options may be income property or vacant land.

Of course the internet is the number one stop for most people looking to buy a home in today’s day and age.  You can view active Lake Tahoe homes for sale via our user friendly online search.  Sign up and stay informed of new properties as they come on the market with our New Listing Notification Emails to find homes in north Lake Tahoe, Truckee and South Lake Tahoe.  You can even search for Lake Tahoe real estate on your mobile device. There is nothing better than actually, physically, going to a home in person and seeing a property first hand.  Unfortunately, when something looks too good to be true, it often is.  That said, almost every house will have an issue or two which may need to be addressed by a new home owner.  Houses are as unique as the individuals who live in them and it is often said “a good house is never done.” 

A knowledgeable Century 21 Tahoe North Realtors agent can provide many helpful ideas and guidance to better prepare you for viewing property in person.  Once you find a home of your dreams you need to buy it.  Real estate markets are almost always changing with regard to price, inventory and demand.  Knowing what a home is worth and what a seller is willing to accept can take some savvy knowledge of the market conditions and the intricacies of real estate in general.  The best strategy for ultimately owning a home is to have a professional realtor to assist you through the process. 

Although making an offer is one of the most important steps in a real estate purchase it is just the beginning of a real estate transaction.  Upon acceptance of an offer a timeline will begin with a series of events which ultimately result in the transfer of ownership.  This process typically includes contingency periods for financing and inspections and escrow and title.

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